2024 Ocean Reef Friendraiser

2024 Family Wellness Retreat

The Ocean Reef Retreat offers a transformative experience for military families by providing them with a place where they can rejuvenate and connect with others who share similar experiences. This Family Wellness Retreat at the Ocean Reef Club is more than a getaway; it's a sanctuary where families can step away from the challenges of recovery and rehabilitation.

Engaging in leisure activities and enjoying the tranquility of Ocean Reef allows these families to forge new memories and strengthen bonds.

The retreat also creates a supportive community environment where families can share their stories and find comfort in the fellowship of other veteran families, fostering a sense of understanding and camaraderie that is invaluable in their journey toward healing.

Be part of this transformative experience and sponsor a family to attend or select any other sponsorship tier.

Retreat Sponsor: $30,000
Family Sponsor: $15,000
Friends of Ocean Reef Sponsor: $6,000
Wellness Sponsor: $3,000